Welcome to My Seriously Joy-filled World of Words!

In a world that makes no sense to me, making nonsense makes sense.

I'm a writer, reciter, a speaker, a teacher, a sister, a daughter, a mother, a wife.
A listener, a seeker, a maker of nonsense, a reader, a leader, a lipslippery fool.
A doctor, a walker, a talk-talk-talk- talker, a giggle-glad Oma, an odd sort of soul.

Yearner and learner
An ever beginner!
Hope is my teacher
Life is my school.

   Mabel Murple's Book Shoppe & Dreamery in River John opened July 3rd , 2017 and closed Labour Day Weekend. A fantastic first year.

  Our seasonal speciality book shoppe featuring Atlantic Canadian books in all genres as well as Canadian Childrens' Books opens again July 2, 2018. 

Words, whimsy, wonder for all ages.

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I write books for all ages, speak, give workshops on creativity, literacy education, children's and women's issues, storytelling and narrative. I've published books in all genres. I also mentor/guide writers one on one—sometimes for free, sometimes for a fee. I've lived in New Brunswick, on Chocolate Lake, Nova Scotia, in Washington D. C. We now live in Pictou County, Nova Scotia on the hobby farm Happy Doodle Do. My posts on this site are riffs—what's most on my mind. I hope you take a look, and in the words of Willam Blake: Kiss the Joy as it Flies.    

In the moment of the telling of the story or the poem there is the creation of a safe place. —S.F.

I play with words. I dance with words. I work with words.

I'm a storyteller. Sometimes I tell stories in poetry. Sometimes in prose. Sometime those stories end up in books, or journals, on radio or stage. Other times, stories morph into essays, poetic riffs, nonsense verse, lyrics, or on this website.

I tell stories for all ages. Sometimes my stories are funny. Sometimes, not.
I have faith in the healing power of narrative and art.
To heal. To whole. To tell = to connect. With an other.

As long as we have stories, we will never be alone.

Sheree Fitch has been a groundbreaking force in the literary arts and literary community in the Maritimes  and throughout Canada. Creating from “the land of the imagination in the country that is childhood,” Sheree’s singularity and unique voice, visions and award-winning books and storytelling have left their mark on two generations of children and families and influenced a whole generation of writers from Ecum Secum to the Himalayas in Bhutan and many places in between.

Highlights include performing and representing Canada at the Canada Day Celebrations at the Canadian Embassy; performing at the Washington National Cathedral; and performing at the Library of Congress. She was part of a Cultural Arts exchange in Mexico, as well as an invited author representing Nova Scotia in international schools in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, China, Belize, Thailand, and Vietnam. Sheree has brought this rich international experience back to the Canadian literary community.

As a Nova Scotia writer Sheree has twice been a writer-in-residence in the country of Bhutan, helping to foster an indigenous literature for Bhutanese children, and was four times writer in residence in a healing and writing camp in Nunavut. For the Vancouver International Writers Festival she was the first writer-in-residence in their school outreach program in Nelson B.C. Closer to home she was the 2013/2014 Pictou Antigonish Writer-in-Residence program. In thanking her, the town of New Glasgow and the municipality of the County of Pictou officially recognized her for “inspiring contribution and leadership and for sharing her creativity, messages and talents" as they celebrated National Poetry Month.

Among other awards, she hold three honorary doctorates from Canadian universities for her contribution to Canadian literature, education and for her work as a literacy advocate and activist for social justice, especially  issues affecting women and children.  

Sheree is widely recognized as an innovative master writer and literary artist whose body of work explores the human condition. Her lyrical style gives her a unique literary voice in her writing both for adults and children. As a Nova Scotia-based artist, she has had her creative work adapted and performed nationally and around the world. —Christy Ann Conlin, author of Heave

In Spring 2015, Sheree was UPEI writer-in residence and Summer 2015 Winterset Writer in Residence at Terra Nova Park in Newfoundland.  In the fall 2015  appeared at the Telling Tales Festival in Rockton. Now at work in community and on a novel to be published by Doubleday Canada in 2017, Majorly Weird and Freakwently Wonderful, she is also co-editing  an anthology of poetry for children by poets of Atlantic Canada. 

She lives with her husband, Gilles Plante and some critters on Happy Doodle Do Hobby farm in River John.