A Jar Full of Stars

A jar full of stars 
A jar full of stars 
What do you do 
With a jar full of stars 
Well you share those stars
Wherever you are
That's what you do
With a jar full of stars  

Last week was a wonderful purple blur. I gave writing workshops to teachers, university students and a group of high school students. I did readings at libraries and in schools. I got to visit my mother, sister, brother, niece, nephew, and grand nephew. I danced with some galpals to the music of Sheryl Crow and I met some new people----folks I want for my new best friends. I ate coconut cream pie. And I was given a gift of poetry and pictures and...some magic.   
   After my high school session one student approached me and said, "I have something for you." I opened up a tiny box and there, folded in tissue paper was a teeny tiny jar full of stars. "I make them," she said, "you can even wear this one around your neck."
   The stars in the jar are about the size of a pinhead. Origami in miniature. "Why, you could sell this at the market or --" "Oh no," she said, "they're not for sale, they're to give away. Sometimes, I leave them in places people will find them."  
    Two days later I was in an art store, Endeavors, and there was another jar on the counter by the check -out. A bigger jar, but filled with the same kind of muliticolored paper stars. On the jar : Share a smile. Take a star. :)  
    Yes, turns out this was the work of the same young woman. Her art hangs in the store window. I dipped my hand into that little galaxy and two days later I gave away one of those stars to a waitress--- along with a tip. 
     When I got home on Sunday, waiting for me was a letter of thanks to me from The Paper Star Girl . 
     I wish for more souls like hers to fill our world with stars.