Mystic Orange & Apple Red

 Last week out our window. Orange bliss.  I wanted to drink it like some kind of juice drink. 
Today, a storm rages and the wind screams orange and the rafters creak and there's the kind of wild beauty I only wish I could put into words. The fall is so full of orange : my brother and me in the leaves long ago bursting through orange exuberent beauty into rambunctious joy children in search of the magic the redness of apples. Crunch life into cider.  
Now, soothe a sore throat. Now pray he's okay and healing -- so grateful his chemo is over.
Juicy, this life: squeeze out every drop.
Tip toe or Tap dance your tune of true for bliss is the wind is mystic is orange is mystic-all orange.
Or just howl with the wind  Howl o Ween. I will.      
 Photo credit : Deanne Fitzpatrick. My feet. Her magic