Monday Musing: M is for Munro, Mordecai and me, too.

Today, my signed copy of Alice Munro's For the Love of A Good Woman arrived in the mail. I've never met Munro. I've always wanted to and I've long longed for a signed copy. Now inside this book, I can tuck the  handwritten thank you note I received from her in response to a swooning fan letter I sent years ago. I'm glad it wasn't an email.  Her handwriting. I sniffed in the ink hoping it would go to my brain, leak out my fingertips.
The reason I have the signed Munro book today is thanks to the book owner who let it go up for bidding in the fundraiser organized by web wizardess, writer, animal and book lover Colleen McKie.   and
  These days, I'm weeding through a lot of old books to pass on but I don't think I'd be generous enough to let go of the autographed ones. I'm a writer, yes, but I am a READER first and that means I'm such a writer groupie. Embarassingly uncool.  
My husband's favourite joke when I come back from a festival (as an invited author) : "Did you buy more books than you sold?" Haha. Even if the answer was yes, I'd never ever regret it.  
Case in point :  
    The kitchen of a B&B in Granville Ferry, where we authors are staying-- and I've just met Mordecai Richler and his wife.
    "Would you?" I stammered, "Before the weekend is over, sign Jacob-Two Two for my children? I brought it with me. "
    "Of course ," he said.  
     I should have let it go at that. "My children say that after me, you're their favourite author."
    O gawdwhat did I just say? 
    There was silence in the kitchen. Then ---his laugh! His laugh was glorious.   
    I still sniff this ink.  
Do you have a signed book you'd never give away ?