A Hundred Objects Close By

    I know a cure for sadness:
 Let your eyes touch something that
     makes your eyes smile.
  I bet there are a hundred objects close by
      that can do that
  Look at Beauty's gift to us---
her power is so great she enlivens
   the earth, the sky, our soul. 
  -Mirabai 1498-1550
That is the work of inspi- rational Deanne Fitzpatrick- artist, writer, entrepreneur, creative spirit. Friend.
And so is this : 

I had the good fortune to teach with Deanne this fall in a workshop during the annual Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival. I watched artists at work putting stories into words and images, distilling and stilling the clutter and worry we all carry, working/playing until they found symbols, chose colour, created. And I got hooked on hooking. Lefty me.
I discovered Deanne's work and books a few years ago and before I met her, I knew I had to meet her. Yesterday, my eyes touched more than a hundred objects that made my eyes smile.  At Deanne's shop in Amherst, I attended another workshop for beginners. A morning of burlap and wool, coffee and oatcakes, of womens' voices like a hum, a hymn, as we poked, scooped, pulled, learned, laughed, and met one another.
Deanne told me once she was a meat and potatoes kind of woman. But she's a Newfoundlander. Translate magical, too. A force of nature, a source of nurture. A sprite, a spirit. There's comfort in her work , in being around her. There's also a crackling energy. A wide awake soul. And she's funny. Funny. As a teacher, she makes us feel we all CAN make something beautiful. (Let's say she's really hooked in.)    
Inside her studio : Tactile ecstasy, an eye-candy shop of wool and felt and cloth. Swatches of heaven. Imagine bowls brimming full of colour. Cubbyholes of treasure. I turn into a kid who wants to pull everything off the shelves and play. Roll around in fleece. 
  So - my eyes smiled- yes.
 As for -(cough) my work--- this was not yesterday --this one has taken me a while --
So I'm missing a few shingles. What's new? 
That's okay, I've got a few more hundred to paint on my garden shed.
So : make the things that make your eyes smile.  
(Might not "cure" the sadness, but whole ot a helain' happens.)  
So thanks Deanne and Catherine and sister hookers for a great day. (O, also gals at Damaris spa for my purple sparkly nails and super treatment. ( A little retail therapy in a consignment shop and a shampoo'll work wonders,too.)