That Yam I Am

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.
Today, reliving some memories of Thanksgivings we shared when we lived down under.
Truth: until I lived there, I never knew "candied yams" existed.  
That's okay, because a lot of my American friends never knew Canadians had Thanksgiving.
True exchange:    
"Canadians have Thanksgiving?" she said.
"Yes, we do" I said. 
"What for?" she said.
So help me.    
Candied Yams.  
As a title of a novel, I think  candied yams would be delicious.
A best seller.  
(Look for it soon, self-published, on an e-reader near you.)  
Or not.
In the meantime I'll make candied yams  ( my recipe thanks to my American pals) but with my own twist --maple syrup from Quebec. 
Really, I yam who I yam who I yam. 
May we be grateful for things great and small.  
And our neighbours.