Ancient Spirits Find Us and I Ain't No April Fool.

In 1997, we were out for a Sunday afternoon drive. We took a road we'd never taken. At the end of the road was a cemetery. In the cemetery, we thrashed our way through a tangled path, found the marker above. Stunned, I learned about the largest shipwreck before the Titanic. April 1st, 1873 ---the wreck of the SS Atlantic. When the first reports came in, some thought maybe it was an April Fool's joke.  

It was no joke. This is Rev. William Ancient. He might not look like a hero,  but he was. One of many who rowed out to save lives they could.  Ancient saved this boy, John Hindley. For the real story, visit Terence Bay NS. or this website.


I think of these spirits every April 1st and every time I'm in a school doing a reading from The Gravesavers. These characters became more than a story, or a part of novel, they became part of my life.

"Ancient" spirits do call us. Take a new road. Get out of the car. Wander. Listen.