EACH TO EACH: Whispers of Mermaids and Wonderful Things

 He comes with a murmur of dream in his wings;
(Oh, weary, my Dearie, so weary!)
And whispers of mermaids and wonderful things.
(So hush-a-by, weary my Dearie!)

    Lines from Sir Charles G. D. Roberts. 

    I'm not into mermaids. Murmuring or whispering, wonderful or singing.  

    I was never even a very big fan of Sir Charles "Gawdam' Roberts.

    But these lines cast a spell.

    Sound tunnels time tunnels  

     ri ri ripples  


     resonance dance       

    Macaroni. Cucumber. Mud. Words. Music.

    "Mummy. I can talk and sing at the same time. Singtalk. Like a poem."  

     Child was five then-- my curly-headed ever questioning singtalk boy.  

    Why is blue called blue and not red?   (Hush-a-bye, hush..)  

    Tweets/ facebook posts/ whispers?

    So many mermaids and mermen. Trying to sing. Singtalkin'. 

    Not all or always wonderful things. Wonder filled. So much. Too much?  ( Are we weary, my dearie?) 

    Ever Wonder: what words will linger, haunt and sway?