A Good Friday: Mud Day Earth Day Voting



soap skin slippery 

in sunshimmer day after rain when sky

heaves itself heavy on earth with a sigh 

air full of worm smell  

the shiver of grass staining green 

children in skipping rope wonder appear

heeling holes in the ground in a marble eyed stupor 

& the mystery of mud is a tambourine tune

I wrote that thirty four years ago for my son when he was two. This morning I recited same to his two year old as we dug in the earth on earth day. 

This afternoon I voted. Not Harper.

From where I squish squash splash, I think we're all doing the mud mush dance.

Digging for worms is one way to touch the earth and the sacred. As for voting ...felt more like a prayer. 

Still, it was a Good Friday.