AT THE END OF THE WORLD there will be purple rapture

Flying Dragons Bookstore in Toronto is closing. Very, very sorry to hear this. 

Scrabble lexiconographers ( if that is a word ) tell us there is a word called a blook.

A book on a blog.

Supposedly the world is ending tomorrow. A sleeping dragon. So do I buy kobo or kindle? 

Just in case it is END OF THE WORLD, the book I'm on now is my masterpiece and I never got to finish it. A really funny book/blook. There's a world record holding tongue twister in the story. I thought this would allow readers to read aloud. To an Other maybe. Or even to themself. If You Could Wear My Sneakers you could say:                                  

The Boogie Woogie Beagle Blues 
There was a beagle who loved bagels
 In fact he loved to beg for bagels
Wagged his tail for bagels
Whenever bugles blew
 One day the beagle met a beluga
Who played the boogie woogie bugle
The beagle giggled : Hi Beglua!
Then played a jig with his kazoo. 
 Then the beagle and the beluga
Eating bagels, blowing bugles 
 Met a eagle who was eager
To eat some buttered bagels too
The eagle and the beagle and the bugle playing beluga sailed together
 Saw the
                                        of the world !!!!
Such  a boondoggling
                Hornswoggling time !
It was the boogie woogie eager eagle beagle beluga blues!

         That took me seven years. Saying it with wine is even better. Have a great long weekend. And no matter what happens remember whether you end up in heaven or hell: 

And the book. Blook. Blog.Words. Keep scrabbling. JUST use your i-m-a-g-i-n-a-t-i-o-n.