Dear Myrtle, Keep Writing.

Dear Myrtle:  
When Nicole sent me your letter, it made my day. Thank you for writing me and thank you for letting me "publish" and share your words and your name on my website. I thought you would inspire others as much as you did me. I am writing you a "real" letter today but I wanted you to know that it is adult learners like you-- as well as your tutors-- who are my heroes. I mean that with all my heart.
Keep the letters coming.
         Love, Sheree
 Note: I met Myrtle a few years ago at an award ceremony for adult learners where she received a scholarship from NB Literacy Coalition -- funds which come from the Peter Gzowski Golf Tournaments for Literacy. This letter below came in a few days back from  
A gift.  A total, unexpected gift of words.