1961. On my way to Queen Elizabeth School in Moncton New Brunswick. I'm wearing a Dr. Ben Casey Dress. It was blue. Maybe we all thought I might be doctor. We just didn't know I'd be more Dr. Suess-ish and stitch with words. The words below I wrote the night before my first son entered school. In two years I'll be saying the same for the Grands. So. Here in N.S., September 6th is the first day back this year. Beams to all the parents letting their children toddle off to "big" school for the first time. Did you know crosswalk guards are really guardian angels? Gratitude to all the teachers who are called to the profession and do take care of our children. Those teachers exist. I've met them. 


Here, take my child.

He has a fistful of crayons,

Is ready to begin

To enter the halls that smell of chalk dust and lemon oil.

He wants to colour a picture.

Help him to see that the colour he chooses,

The pictures he makes, are beautiful…..

Before you ask him to paint the Sistine Chapel.


Here, take my child.

She knows one and one makes two.

I want her to learn to add,

Without being subtracted from.

I want her to multiply her abilities,

But not if it divides her against herself.


Here, take my child.

He has a book he wants to read.

Let him read it first,

Tell you why he likes it,

Before you ask him to read a book

You think he should read…..

To be up to “the level”.


Here, take my child.

She has written a poem:

“dandelions are golden buttons in the grass”

Smell those dandelions, see the image,

Before you tell her dandelions are weeds or

Dandelions is not spelled correctly.


 Here, take my child

but... TAKE CARE.