More Lessons I Keep on Learning

Life is sad and beautiful.

I am not God. Doctors aren't either.

My husband has eyes like Jesus and the heart of Buddha.

People suffer and die.

Life is sad and beautiful.

Cats and dogs do get along.

Put a child in my arms and I will smile no matter what else is happening.

It is important to keep brushing my teeth.

Life is sad and beautiful.

There’s a reason “tears” you cry and “tears” as in ripped open heart are spelled the same.

My brother was a very strong man. My mother is a strong woman. My sister is a strong woman. I am a strong woman.

Surrender is sometimes a way to be strong.   

Sometimes less is not more. It is just less and you want more.

Life is not about what we want or get    

All is illusion

Life is sad and beautiful.  

 sad sand sad

Life is  SA(N)D