Women's World Day of Prayer ----March 2.

Deanne Fitzpatrick (coastal girls)

I didn't know it was Women's World Day of Prayer until last night.

There's not much I could find out about Mary Ellen James—the woman who started this—unless Mr. Google and I are not on the same page this morning.

just got me me thinking


every day mystics and ancient visionaries.

The result of prayer is life.

Prayer irrigates the earth and heart.

St. Francis

E-a-r-t-h and h-e-a-r-t --o my anagrammatic head.

Here is a prayer from Rabia of Basra, (c.717-801). A woman. Born 500 years before Rumi, and a central figure in Sufi tradition:

Slicing Potatoes

It helps, putting my hands on a mop, on a broom,
in a wash pail
I tried painting.
but it was easier to fly slicing

~ trans. Daniel Ladinsky

Reminds me so much of my mother's words passed down from her mother: when in trouble, scrub the floor!

Finally, from St. Catherine of Siena:

Rest in Prayer

The sun hears the fields talking about effort
and the sun smiles,
and whispers to
Why don't the fields just rest, for I am willing to do everything
to help them grow?
Rest, my dears, in

Yes, then maybe dance your prayer.

Pray today, yes, and pray without ceasing.

There are so many ways to pray. Time for a walk wearing my new hat. (Thanks Deanne.)