Cobwebs & Treasure

So. I always knew it to took courage to listen and that you couldn't please everyone.  Cleaning out my mother's attic has been an eye- opener. Here I am giving the speech. 

We found that dress in the attic too. Short months later, I was pregnant. Married. Fifth high school reunion, I got the "prize" for being the first one divorced. Yes, so none of that was in the script I was reading from that night. Either was today. Or yesterday.

Besides mandatory birth control pills for all teens (I'm joking) the moral of the story is: Dream big. Modify if and when you have to. I'm still dreaming, hoping, hanging on and modifying.

Cleaning out that attic has been like... looking in the rear view mirror with the lights on. Blinding at first. Humbling. AHH! Scary. But .. I'm learning not to run away from cobwebs and spiders. I'm ready to sit down and listen : Write.