My Year at a Glance & The Troll Bridge


The pages on this year's calendar are still clean, unwrinkled

some ( dare I hope they stay this way ? ) are blank 

damn but I feel so monentarily organized

so doing up a new calendar's

like folding laundry-- I'm given the illusion  

life's tidy  


put awayable 

as if I've got control

I love illusions the spells the bubbles 

even knowing they will burst 

Here it is :  2013!  

yes, I've got my life laid out ahead in days and weeks and months

why look, I'll be in Minnesota in July!

the dentist's next week  

finish that novel by March

write that speech by April  

today my life's contained in small neat blocks of time

(except I know better  

expect the unexpected)

I'm not "caught up" from last year yet ..

I'm learning how to live in this blue and slippery otherworld which leads

to a bridge

I cross each day

the kind that leads to who knows where  

fear not I whisper 

 I know the troll's beneath the bridge  

     this year's troll has dog food breath but no warts drinks tea   

& promises slurpy kisses

        (no matter what occurs that seems simply uncontainable) 

all this is for sure is :

there will be troll kisses  

ones that will teach me 

      much more 

than (I will think)

    I ever wanted to know