Dance, Dance, Dance this Valentine's Day.



In this world,  there are many people. 


I will dance today with One Billion Rising with one of  my grandsons in my arms.  I will dance for many reasons.


Poem below  is taken from IN THIS HOUSE ARE MANY WOMEN, Goose Lane Editions, 1992. The title of the book is taken from the first suite of poems--the voices of women in a shelter. This is the last poem in the section--Marie is the angel who watches over the house.    

Marie's Lullaby

I am the angel of this house
house of broken dreams 
house where dreams begin again 
house of women 

At night when you are sleeping
I sing lullabies
lullabies for every Edna 

and all the women before you
and all the ones whose names
I do not know yet 
who will come after 

I sing lullabies for Jason 
and all the sons of violence
lullabies for the men who live here
in the nightmares and the dreams
of all the women
hope my song will float and settle
upon their foreheads 
like a cool cloth to soothe
the pain fists and words have caused 

I sing lullabies for all the others 
living in a house
where there is no shelter 

I cradle pain within my wings 
sing one more lullaby
pray that some day 
in this house of many women 
there will not be 
any women 


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Dance, Dance, DANCE on. The dance is on.