Pageturners, A Red Headed Freckled Girl, Northrop Frye, and more...



So yes, I'm obsessed with books and Project Bookmark Canada as anyone who is my facebook friend might know by now. I will keep posting until month's end. But my obsession will not stop there. 

There's a reason. There's a history. 

Here I am in Moncton, New Brunswick, (once home of literary critic Northrop Frye) , at the beginning my of my magnificent obsession. 



 Here is Northrop Frye. 


oops. I sometimes mix them up. No, no--- here is the picture of the statue of Northrup Frye that the Northrop Frye Festival has erected in Moncton. Check them out too.


It's beautiful. You can sit down by him and rub noses--- shoulders I mean. When I do, finally, I will be reciting Blake softly in his ear.  Might look something like this 


But that's me with me another man. Sir John A. MacDonald in Charlottetown. Bear with me a moment, I've had a long week of words --this is all connected.  

When I around seven, one of my teachers noticed I was a hypersensitive child writing poetry and snorting books like other kids snorted lik-m-aid  ( for you who do not know of what I speak think sucking powdered sugared Koolaid ) 

 She suggested my parents take me to PEI to -- where else --- to the only monument we really had that celebrated a writer from our region.  

 Her house! Anne's house. Exciting.

 And then  :  

 Lucy Maud Montgomery, the writer, was dead. Very dead. Hence the line you hear so many writers of a certain generation say quite honestly : "we grew up thinking writers were all dead people." OR lived in United States where a distant second cousin of my father's wrote for Reader's Digest. Or maybe, Ontario where I had rich cousins. Somehow I'd equated writers with being rich. (:   

It's my turn today to be a "pageturner" for Project Bookmark Canada.

What no one so far has said (I think) is that writers don't have to be dead  (or rich) to get a bookmark now! Wow. 

"Look Mama, they're alive! They live and move and breathe amongst us!" 

If you go to :  you can see a wonky video "we" made:  my husband, and a gathering of writers, librarians and booklovers here at our house last Friday night. We were getting ready for a writing conference for teens on the north shore of Nova Scotia-- called Writing on Fire which is part of a Read by the Sea Festival initiative. If you do not know about Read by the Sea-- you need to go here.

River John is little village with a a great literary festival every summer. So here are some of the suspects you will see in the video waiting for the conference to begin---- right about this time last Saturday: 


They look Verrry different in the video! The teens were amazing in the workshops, so happy to connect with living breathing writers.  

While you're at the bookmark website, I hope you click and donate.  Find out how to get involved. Maybe champion the books from your region you'd like to see have a bookmark. One day the literary landscape of Canada will also be a literary mapscape where we can go to the place, read the words from a bookmark by an author (dead or alive) who wrote of that place. We can leap into a world of their making. Then what happens? Well, I believe we consider that place and who we are in some new way. It is map making. It is mythmaking. For me, forever, literature keeps asking us ( not telling us ) what it means to be human. Even books about Dragons.  

I have a favourite personal metaphor:  My life is a dot to dot puzzle and I still don't know what picture I'm making. 

Once we have bookmarks all across Canada, it will be kind of like a dot to dot puzzle --but the picture we make? A nation of readers who care about literature and place. And a living breathing ever evolving literary culture. And who knows ---it might mean one young writer will grow up to make worlds out of words .