Roominating: things change


Slow down Mabel. 

So we have hens, the sheep summered here (now back to their friend's the big barn) and we were getting ready—well it started out at least—for a horse and a donkey. I took lessons and had great teachers, but not enough time on the back of a horse for this slow learner. I wasn't ready at all  for that particular horse, not enough time in that saddle and he was BIG (But so sweet). I think I secretly just hoped I would learn once he was here. So we adjusted, slowed down on plans, but then—donkeys! We could still have donkeys! Build a loafing shed!

Well, turns out we are still not ready—enough.

Did I say our first two chicks were roosters? Lucy became Lester and Laverne became Lucky. (Not so much. Stew was delicious.)... Yes, things change. Winter is coming. So is a grandaughter! I said it. Amazing. It has all turned out. Those first few months are so very precious! So it will be Donkey writing. Not donkey riding. For now.

Stay tuned as we mosey along with the dream of our hobby farm. Happy Doodle Do. I doodle. The Deeply Dimpled Frenchman Does. Me, I'll also be here in this room finishing stories and that novel in no time. I signed a contract. So, fewer distractions, I guess.

As for a horse of my own? We said it would mean patience and lessons and saddle time fit into a busy life when we first talked about this. Things do not happen overnight.

ME & THE DDFM wants trails. NOT trials. At least of our own making. Still, we are NOT too old to be trying A BRAND NEW THING. How do you spell H-a-f-l-i-n-g-er??