Getting my Face off FACEBOOK

It's not that I didn't like FACEBOOK.  I was reluctant to go near it to begin with because I know myself. Sure enough, I loved Facebook. Too much. And too much of anything .. .blahblahblah. 

I've gained  XX walloping pounds since I went on facebook in November 2010.  Facebook time was time I used to spend in the gym or engaged in some form of physical activity. My cholesteral is up.  I feel like one of my mother's perfect dumplings.

So it's time for a diet that includes a facebook fast. I've done these temporarily from time to time.  A few weeks. Once, almost a month.  I had deadlines and the unplugging helped. It showed me that turning off was tuning in. 

So I've been gearing up for this. I know Twelve Steps works for many.  

Step one: Admit you are a facebookaholic. ( this happens when you stop defending why it's so important in your life. )

Step Two : Deactivate. ( A day at a time. )  

Step Three:  Tell a friend. (Who isn't into facebook.)   

Step Four:  Start a new project.

Step Five: Drink lots of water.

Step Six: Repeat: there's no party and I'm not missing out.   

Step Seven : Meditate.

Step Eight:  Mourn the loss of friends.

Step Nine:  Run 5k. a day. 

Step Ten : Tell folks you are sorry if you've ignored them.  

Step Eleven :  Get stamps, write letters.  

Step Twelve: Listen to the quiet and your own thoughts.  Then "Like" yourself mentally.  

 I'm only half joking.

Week One wasn't bad at all. I wrote more on my novel than I have in a month. In fact, I've found the voice of my character. Maybe because I could hear better. More email was answered. I even managed some letters in the mail. 

My goal is a year away or XX pounds lighter. Whichever comes first. 

I'll blog more and I'm still on twitter and gmail. One thing at a time ... 

Besides, I live on a dirt road and I am so not ready to be a hermit.  

AND THE PHONE! I want to hear people.  And I just had a skype author visit the other day.  

Technology's a good thing as long as you control it and not the other way around. Cliche? Indeed. But easier said then done. 

So my former  "status" updates will be here, along with musings.  

I live on a dirt road and am not ready to be a hermit. Did I say that already? 

My name is still Share -eee.  

That is my main reason to detox /deactivate.  

I write because I want to connect. I think Facebook satisfied my need to connect easily and took away from my creative energy and drive. The screen was a good friend and distraction when I did not want to face my own thoughts. When hammering was going on all around me. The house is all but done. No tablesaw in my living room. No more excuses. 

 Now I want to create from the still space and listen.  

 So Facebook, after three years and a bit, adieu.Maybe so long. Maybe I'll be back.  

 I will miss my friends.  I will not miss the tapdance of a hundred elves inside my head that always seemed to be there when I was plugged in to facebook. 

 But facebook, it's me, not you.  

 PS. (I  so want to share this on facebook but ... ( cough) I'm a new woman.)

 "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."  I love you William Blake. You are so right. And my best apology for being ..welll..excessive.