#PARL Museletter #4 : Some Writing Questions Answered

  Branded. Branding. Brand? Do you have to have a brand?


  (BUT I love this logo Sydney Smith designed for the Fitch backlist Nimbus is now publishing.)   

  What about an agent?  

  They can help but still not always necessary. I don't have one for my children's books in Canada but I do have one now for adult books. Submit even if you do not have an agent--- wherever permitted by publisher.    

  How much "selling" of book and self does an author have to do?  

  These days -- a lot. BUT-- you have a life. Try to do only what you can do with a glad heart.    


 Best advice I ever got about being a writer still stands:

 Read, read, read. Write, write,write.


Never give up.  Get feedback. Write again.  

It took ten years of rejection before I got a yes from a publisher.

Your book will happen and find its way into the arms of a reader but you have to keep on keeping on through many drafts and rejections and moments of doubt.  

 MY question: If you do not believe in your book, who will? 

PS Unless you are JK Rowlings or John Grisham or Oprah discovers you  -- you'll have to have a day job to make a living. For most of us --  royalties from book sales alone do NOT bring home enough jellybeans.  

 PSS Write the book you'd like to read. 

Said before and I'll say again. Writing is a sharing. 

It's not just what your words do for you, it's what your words might but do for others.