detail from night sky wheel ride ( Tradewind) 

  art by YAYO. 

A detonation of poetry from every nation
hear voices ringing out to drown out
the sounds of violence
breaking silence :

a splash of syllables/not the clash of armies 

a dance of words/ not a world of wars 

peace -- ah, each to each, 

to hear those mermaids whispering

to wildly ride the night sky 

or what are poems are for? 



   A poem is the home I've roamed in all my life.   


"A poem a day keeps the bugaboos away."

                                            Mr. Tiggle, from  The Hullabaloo Bugaboo Day. 


 "What can be explained is not poetry."- Carl Sandburg.  


This moment is a poem. 

This is a poem: 



You are a poem. 



Imagine. World Poetry Day.