Hail To the #SnowplowOperators, The Shovelers, The #PowerCrews.

We're tough but enough of this rough winter
the blasts the blizzardous winds the drifts the ice the snain the snow
today's last gasp before winter goes
the north wind's bitter laugh a howl
of "I'll be back"
grim determined terminator of warmth. 

The dweedle deedle dweedle of a distant snowplow
laughs back:

we'll all be waiting with shovels and blowers
sand in hand, salting streets, scraping roads
or climbing poles in cuthroat winds
mending lines to let the light and heat back in

We win every time 
kick Jack Frost's & Old Man Winter's icy asses

until they melt away 

So see ya winter, nice try today, come again
bring it on, bring all you got---

for some of us are winter warriors,
never heroes 
just some of us
need the work of war you give us. 


         Yes, here's a toast to those who work so we can work tomorrow.