A World Away From Now YES Wish Away

I used to envy "those people" who could get away midwinter. This was us - my mother, me and the Deeply Dimpled Frenchman last Tuesday as we were leaving Barbados.  He said he survived as long as he was not caught physically in the middle of  my mother and me and our gabfests. Actually, they are more like outloud continuous stream of consciousness conversations.  
Turns out we were gone during a deep freeze week. Yes, we had a blast. Look at her, she is two years shy of 80.  Kiss the Joy as it Flies.
So here I am, one of "those people." No wonder I envied them. It was a true break.
Today, the sun shines, the snow sparkles.
Drinking water not gin and vodka tonics.
Grateful for this most precious day and cherishing every second of memories we are still making.   
Just saying. Be careful what you wish for? Um. Why?