As a children's writer I get asked a lot of funny-wonderful- strange- cute- incomprehensible- and precocious questions.

As an adult writer? Not so much.

This has to be one of my favourites .

Just in today.  (I asked for permission to share.) 


Dear Sheree

My name is X. We met a couple of times last fall when you were writer in residence for PARL. I came to two of your writing sessions.

I am currently reading "Kiss the Joy as it Flies" and have a question about a reference you made. It was the part where Mercy is remembering an evening at a friend's house when she got drunk and told XX he couldn't touch her breasts. So maybe it's a coincidence but do you know someone named XX or was that a name you plucked from your imagination? I have a brother named XX who works as an actor and maybe your paths have crossed.

This is just to satisfy my curiosity! I hope you are surviving this endless winter!




At least XX was not her husband! 

Funniest Questions Authors have ever been asked by Readers. I'd read that book.