Surprise in writing

Sometimes characters are hard to get to know. They play hide and seek, especially if you've been not paying attention to them—but when they do emerge, they can just jump up from the page and knock you over. Lynnie Evans has been one those characters. The novel is almost over. She's still surprising me. I never saw the french kissing part coming. It's taken me so long to write this book, she's entered puberty!

July, 1968. 

Hello. Bonjour.

If you are reading this, then you are one of The Star People.

If you are one of the Star people who know they are a Star Person I do not have to explain what that means.

If you are a Star person who does not know yet they are a sTar person don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt a bit when you learn that you have shining magnetic powers. 

If you are reading this, I could be dead or alive because even with shining magnetic powers you can die.

ANY old how …. 

Tonight’s the night!   

Me and Sam man will make contact with Angelicaliens and either be abducted or killed or have the secret of the universe revealed to us by tomorrow morning and then be returned to earth. If, however, what happened at Magnetic Hill in May was just a figment of me & Sam-mans imagination, and the Angelicaliens do not not show up on Parlee Beach, well, no matter what, me and Sam man have agreed to try to French kiss.  

I will write more—and tell you how it was—all of it I mean , not just the FRENCH KISS PART—if I am alive. I hope I will be.

from Majorly Weird & Frequently Wonderful, Doubleday Canada/Random House (forthcoming)