Kisses Kisses Baby-O

Kisses Kisses Baby-O! is a story for newborns told from the point of view of a parent or caregiver, but with high interaction with baby's world and tuned to events in baby's day. Beloved children's author, Sheree Fitch, delivers what she's famous for: fun, intelligent, participatory text that is a joy to read. Using rhythm and onomatopoeia, the bubbly text begins with baby waking, and follows through eating, bathing, playing, and finally sleeping. Heartwarming illustrations by Hilda Rose combine realism and a whimsical, artistic style, while paying close attention to the needs of newborn readers. And babies will drool over the small, easy-to-hold format!

Board book, 10 pages. Nimbus Publishing (Jan 14 2008). ISBN-10: 1551096463  /  ISBN-13: 978-1551096469