There Were Monkeys In My Kitchen


One morning Willa Wellowby pads into her kitchen in nubby bathrobe and fuzzy slippers to find the place infiltrated by monkeys. And not just your everyday ordinary monkeys but all manner of apes -- baboons, gorillas and chimpanzees are dancing, shooting basketballs and eating breakfast cereal as if they owned the place! While Willa was tucked in bed asleep, the monkeys made themselves at home.

Willa moves from the kitchen to find them playing croquet in the backyard, using the clothesline as a high wire and mowing the lawn (with gold shoes on!) Further investigation reveals gorillas in tutus practicing pirouettes, monkeys playing bagpipes on her bed, and the charming go-go ape Deborah Louise (with her punky monkey hair and red leather boots) listening to Willa's record albums. Willa fains distress but lets down her guard in the bathroom, where she joins some chimps in a bubble bath. Then, back to business. Willa is determined to take action against the intruders, and pleads with the 911 operator for help.

Finally, the RCMP arrive on horseback and chewing bubble gum, led by the intimidating Inspector Lea-Ann Jane. But now where are the monkeys? Willa looks about sheepishly and shrugs her shoulders. My two-and-a-half-year-old son loves to mimic Willa, who cries out in despair at the monkeys: "this place is chaos! A complete catastrophe!" All children will be enchanted by the catchy rhymes and crazy monkey antics, expertly illustrated by Marc Mongeau. Ms. Fitch's story begins with the premise that children love to imagine silly things happening in everyday places. Crisp rhymes and clever word choices make the story race along merrily to its amusing conclusion. Highly recommended for kids of all ages, and the adults who read to them.

WINNER of the Mr. Christie Award in 2002 for Best Canadian Children's book (8 and under) and many other nominations. Best seller.

Illustrated by Marc Mongeau
Doubleday Canada (1994)
ISBN-10: 0385254709  /  ISBN-13: 978-0385254700
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