The Hullabaloo Bugaboo Day


Mood gorning goys and birls!
Mr. Tiggle speaking in Tiggle-ese

At Upper Millidocket Elementary School, nothing much out of the ordinary ever happens. All that changes the day Principal Tiggle forgets to recite his daily poem over the intercom. Miss Argyle the secretary goes missing and the 'bugaboos' invade the school. The Hullabaloo Bugaboo Day is the story of what results when students and staff find their school turned upside down. It is a chapter book for Grades 2-4. It's been adapted for stage and toured as a play.

Nimbus Publishing (January 1997). ISBN: 1895900107

HEY! If your class has read this book and you've started a Delicious Word List or word Wall, take a picture, send to me at contact me ! I'll invent a new apple-so-lutley Tiggleishous word for you!