Toes In My Nose And Other Poems


A wonderful selection of 36 lyrical and whimsical poems that roll off the tongue. Delightful to read and entertaining to hear.

Have you ever seen a baby try to stick their toes in their mouth? Well when my youngest son did that, his older brother said ā€œEw. That's disgusting! And you better be careful or you'll stick your toes in your nose!" And that is how I got the idea for that poem. I took the words right out of his mouth! All the poems from "Toes" were inspired by the every day things that happened in and around our household and neighbourhood, springkled with my imagination and love of word music and the joy of getting tongues tangled. We did love to squish our toes in the mud - hence "The Mud Mash Dance". We did "Wonder about Thunder" and "The Blug in the Plug" who lived down the drain.

Between the ages of 20 - 24 I wrote this book and had it rejected by publishers many times. Finally a "YES"! It was published in 1987. I was 30. It was my first book and it still sells today! (Hard to find. Being reissued in new form in near future. Stay tuned Hold onto your hard copies!) I love Molly Lamb Bobak's art and it was a thrill for me to have such a great artist put my word into images. She was Canada's only femaile war artist - an amazing woman and an honour to know and work with. After almost 30 years, some of these poems have found a new life in anthologies and educational books.

Illustrated by Molly Lamb Bobak
Reader age: toddlers and up
Doubleday Canada Ltd, 1987
ISBN: 0-385-25106-8